Unique - La Maison du Cigare

The Navarre is the only cigar exclusively made with French tobacco. You’re about to learn everything about this premium cigar, completely by hand.
Located in a unchanged and wonderful building dating from the 15th century, in the heart of the fortified city of Navarrenx, the Maison du Cigare enables all visitors to engage themselves in a great cigar trip :

- The tobacco culture from the seed to the dryer in the patio, a real garden of tobacco - Presentations of fermentation and stemming in the dining room.
- And the rolling room: It’s always magical to see how our Cuban women roll cigars.
But this fantastic show is also the result of a quasi-miraculous process which leads the seed to become a magnificent cigar whose beauty could deter us from savoring it. As a typical product from the French region of Bearn, the Navarre cigar will introduce you in the dining room or in the patio other local products: delicatessen and local wines.

Opening from Monday to Friday, 9:00 to 12:00 & 13:30 to 16:00
Free visit Maison du Cigare – Place des casernes – NAVARRENX +33 5 59 66 51 96 – contact@cigares-navarre.frhttp://www.cigare-navarre.com/