Traditional markets are frequent and regular occurrences in all the local towns. They’re warm, jovial affairs, retaining all their authenticity and natural charm. Producers unpack and display their goods in an easy-going unaffected way. Time seems to have stood still, there’s no rush and the whole experience is a truly pleasurable one.

The stalls are covered with regional favorites; ham from Bayonne and Salies, duck, local cheeses and of course the renowned Jurançon AOC.

The diary of market days is as follows:

Monday morning - Monein

Tuesday morning – Orthez

Wednesday morning – Navarrenx, Artix, Mourenx

Thursday morning – Sallies de Béarn

Saturday morning – Arthez de Béarn, Sauveterre de Béarn, Mourenx and Orthez

Sunday morning – Navarrenx (16th May – 12th September)