Local fairs, shows, bullfighting, theatre, painting exhibitions and numerous other cultural events and activities are common in this festive-rich region.

The Orthez fair, salmon fair at Navarrenx and salt fair at Salies de Béarn (from which it gets its name) are amongst the classics.

Townspeople and folk from the surrounding countryside turn out in large numbers to enjoy the entertainment and join in the fun. The atmosphere is warm and everyone enters into the spirit of the occasion, welcoming visitors to join in the celebration.

Take a look at our events :

Sunday, December 11th :

 " Portes Ouvertes en Jurançon" - "Jurançon harvest festival"

From 10.00 am to 18.00 pm

45 winegrowers open their doors for the public; a good way to discover and taste "Jurançon",  craftspeople, farmers, artists and musicians...

-> Jurançon and wine tasting in my secret holidays

Saturday, December 17th, 24th, 31st : 

"Cigar Open Day", the Maison du Cigare - 10.00 am 

Place des casernes, Navarrenx                            

-> Discover the "Maison du cigare"