The strong flowing Pyrenean rivers of the Gave de Pau and Gave d’Oloron that traverse the Béarn are rich in many species of fish. Trout is common in both as well as several varieties of migratory fish, most notably salmon and the Allis Shad.

The largest salmon caught each year in France comes from the Gave d’Oloron!

The lakes and reservoirs offer first rate but little known potential for predator fishing (the Zander thriving almost everywhere) whilst the northern area boasts large populations of coarse water fish.

  The lower stretches of the mountain rivers are home to impressive populations of barbel, chub, dace and gudgeon, which receive little attention. Roach and rudd, bream and carp are in plentiful supply in the lakes and the lower stretches of the main rivers, making this an ideal location for a fishing trip or fishing holiday for more accomplished fishermen.